Service Offered at Colonial TitleServices

Colonial Title Agency, LLC is a full-service title company located in Canton, Ohio. We offer you honest, expert answers in plain English to your title questions.

Colonial Title, LLC provides all the title services for those buying or selling a home or business and for the realtors working with them. Contact us today with all your title needs or questions. We are happy to help. Some of the services offered at Colonial Title include:

  • Title Order, Tax and Legal Forms
    Get title, tax and legal forms from Colonial Title. We provide the comprehensive, cost-effective title and settlement services to meet your needs.
  • Title Insurance
    Insure yourself against unforeseen problems with your title that are undiscoverable on a title search. We offer title insurance policies at very competitive rates to make you sleep better at night.
  • Mortgage Calculator
    Use our free online mortgage calculator to determine if you have the right mortgage setup for your budget. See what payments look like with different rates, types of mortgages and length of payments.
  • Seller’s Net Proceeds Calculator
    Colonial Title offers sellers a free online calculator to estimate what size check they can expect at closing from the sale of their property.

Rely on Services Offered at Colonial Title

At Colonial Title, we offer you the latest industry-leading products and services backed by our innovative technology. Let us help you streamline the closing process. Contact us today and arrange to let our experienced staff meet your needs.